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Why install a dry hydrant or a fire tank?


In the majority of cases, dry hydrants are requested by rural municipalities when the water network is not available or too far from buildings in certain places. Thus, during a fire, firefighters have quick access to water. It also avoids a multitude of comings and goings of tankers supplying firefighters.

We also install fire tanks in places where the aqueduct is functional. This solution is considered when we want to avoid creating certain impacts by getting supplies from the aqueduct.


Where is the water taken from?


Dry hydrants are generally connected to a natural water reserve such as a lake, river, well or stream. It is also possible to supply from a fire tank, which is NFPA 1142 certified, suitable for both urban and rural areas. These fire tanks are completely harmless to the environment and can hold between 10,000 and 40,000 gallons of water.


What location do you choose to install the water intake?


There are several factors to consider before making a final choice. Among other things, we assess the heritage to be protected, the depth of the watercourse, the thickness of the ice in winter, the accessibility to the site at all times, the possibility of burying the pipes there so that they withstand freezing and more.

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