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Dry hydrant and irrigation system installation and maintenance services in Canada, the United States and around the world

For Superior Fire Protection


Municipal by-laws require that certain buildings, residences, factories or businesses must now have dry hydrants for fire prevention. Installation and maintenance of these systems should be performed by professionals and comply with government standard NFPA1142.

Solutions d’eau Bourgelas has the experience and know-how in the field of dry hydrants. Its president, Stéphane Bourgelas, a firefighter for more than 25 years, has to his credit several training courses and extensive experience in fire prevention and has been successfully serving municipalities, institutions, businesses, industries and individuals for several years already.


We can advise you on the installation of a dry hydrant, manage your project or take full responsibility for the work with our turnkey service. Do not leave your installation work to the first comer, as several standards must be met, including the 1142 standard of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The structure of the water supply installations must be carried out in accordance with the standards in order to comply with the regulations in place.

We also manage and maintain underground water tanks and it is important to note that insurance premiums can decrease by 30% to 50% after the installation of a dry hydrant.

We Put Your Resources to Work!


Any municipality wishing to install one or more of our dry hydrants in its region can use our services. When we do a turnkey project, we hire machine operators in your area to do various jobs such as excavation and transportation.



Solutions d’eau Bourgelas is also recognized for the quality of its expertise in installing dry hydrants. Need advice? Call us. We also testify as experts in trials.

For Optimal Use of Water

From here to Africa, Solutions d’eau Bourgelas has created its reputation by installing irrigation systems to save this precious resource that is water. Large-scale companies trust us for their large-area irrigation projects, such as Loblaws and Canac, who year after year call on us to install their systems.


Our services also include installing, maintaining and shutting down lawn, plant and flower watering systems. Several garden centres benefit from our know-how when it comes time to install professional, high-quality irrigation systems. Solutions d’eau Bourgelas also offers advantageous solutions for your lawn or flower beds. We also have an underwater drone with a video camera for inspection and research to meet all your needs.

For the installation of dry hydrants or irrigation systems, trust a serious and recognized company, Solutions d’eau Bourgelas.

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